Please Help Save the Model Trains in Belen, NM


I’m writing to you on behalf of the Belen Model Railroad Club (BMRC),
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Belen, NM.

For 19 years, the BMRC has been running a model train layout at the
Belen Harvey House. In 2006, to meet ADA accessibility requirements,
the BMRC rebuilt and expanded the “old” layout — a project that took
almost 6 years of volunteer effort and was funded completely by
donations (at a cost of about $17,000). The “new” layout, and the
accompanying full-room mural painted by the Belen Art League,
recreates the railroads from Belen and New Mexico in the 1950s.

The BMRC has always run these model trains for the benefit of
community members — children, families, seniors, Adelante (disabled)
clients, railroad fans, and many others. Visitors from near and far
marvel at the model trains and really appreciate their connection to
the site, right next to the BNSF tracks.

Now the Harvey House management has decided to not renew the BMRC
lease and they have given us until January 30, 2015, to tear out the
model train layouts. The Art League’s mural will also reportedly be
painted over.

We believe that removing the model trains from the Harvey House will
cause a huge cultural loss to the residents of the City of Belen and
surrounding communities. The model train layouts are an irreplaceable
treasure that fits the purpose of the Harvey House — educating and
inspiring people about Belen’s (and New Mexico’s) extensive railroad

We invite you to sign and comment on the BMRC’s online petition, “SAVE
the MODEL RAILROAD,” available here:

We also invite you to add your opinion and comments to the BMRC’s
online survey, titled “SAVE the MODEL TRAINS,” available here:

If you want more information, please visit the BMRC website at

You can also access the online petition and the online survey from the
Home page of this BMRC website.

Please feel free to share this email with your friends, family, and
neighbors. The more voices we can gather in support of keeping the
model trains at the Harvey House, the better our chances of
succeeding. EVERY voice matters!

Thank you for any way you can help…

— K.A. McCord, BMRC Community Coalition Committee member

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